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Patti Kim Gill is a dynamic individual with a rich heritage blending Korean and Black roots, shaped by the vibrant landscapes of New Orleans and Chicago. Her multifaceted career began by managing her children's early forays into acting and modeling.

In founding Gill Talent Group, Patti not only created a business but also a platform for aspiring talent, especially individuals of color to flourish. This endeavor speaks volumes about her vision and dedication to contributing positively to the entertainment landscape.  The agency became a conduit through which emerging actors and creators could find representation, guidance, and opportunities to advance their careers.

Recognizing the power of storytelling, she transitioned into a
producer role, founding Sow Good Entertainment which reflects her deep understanding of the transformative power of film. Determined to make a positive impact, she set out to sow good seeds in the fertile soil of the entertainment industry. Her mission was clear: to showcase stories that had remained untold and to amplify the voices of storytellers who had yet to be heard.

As Patti navigates the ever-changing landscape of entertainment, she is determined to build her legacy on her resilience, creativity, and unwavering commitment to the ever-evolving landscape of

Legend Gill, a name destined for greatness, has seamlessly blended entrepreneurship with entertainment, showcasing a remarkable journey through both worlds.

From his high school days, Legend demonstrated an entrepreneurial flair, reselling gym shoes and capitalizing on emerging trends. Early investments in stocks revealed a financial acumen that outshone many seasoned entrepreneurs.

As the child of two entrepreneurs, Legend's upbringing instilled in him a natural knack for spotting opportunities. His early years in the entertainment industry, starting at the age of five, eventually led him to focus on business production when he became a Production Assistant in 2016.

An asset to Sow Good Entertainment, Legend's unique blend of business instincts and industry experience has played a pivotal role in the company's success. Beyond glamour, he exhibited financial responsibility by purchasing his first car without parental assistance.

Presently enrolled in college, Legend is majoring in Business Management, further solidifying his commitment to success. With each step, Legend Gill continues to embody the promise of his name, leaving an indelible mark on both the business and entertainment realms. His journey is a testament to his legendary potential



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